Transport of neutral atoms in plasma with a source of neutral atoms and molecules

Bilikmen, Sinan
Rhimi, Mohamed Nazih
A model for steady state neutral atom transport in a finite thickness, one dimensional plasma slab with a source of neutrals and molecules at the edge, is formulated. A computer code OMID is developed for computational analysis. The analysis shows that the cold neutral particle density is maximum near the wall, the total fuelling profile peaks in the vicinity of the wall for a molecular source more than for an atomic one, energetic neutrals formed in successive charge exchange collisions carry energy to the wall and sputter impurity atoms back to the plasma. For low edge temperatures where molecular hydrogen is dissociated, mostly atomic hydrogen is produced, the ionization profile shifts towards the wall as the edge temperature is raised and more ions are created directly from molecular dissociation. The effect of varying the incident neutral particle energy has been investigated. The comparison of the results with the predictions of other codes showed satisfactory agreement for regions close to the wall.
Physica Scripta


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