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Determination of platinum, palladium and rhodium in Pt-catalysts by high performance thin layer chromatography using densitometry

Aygün, Rüveyde Sezer
Merdivan, M
Kulcu, N
The determination of palladium and platinum in alumina-supported bimetallic Pt-Re, Pd and Pt catalysts at the 0.03 and 0.3% (m/m) levels, respectively, and of rhodium and platinum in platinum sieve catalysts at the 0.04% (m/m) level and in the 4.75-19.75% (m/m) range, respectively, is described. The platinum group metals in fresh or spent catalysts are determined chromatographically using densitometry by forming their N,N-diethyl-N'-benzoylthiourea complexes. The precision of the method, %RSD, is 0.4-3.5, 2.2-6.7, and 4.2-6.0 for Pt, Pd and Rh, respectively. The accuracy was tested using alumina-based and active carbon platinum and palladium standards. The results were also compared with those obtained by FAAS. There was at most 8% difference between the results obtained with these methods, except for one active carbon based Pd standard.