A gauge model of amorphous solids containing defects

Dereli, Tekin
Vercin, Abdullah
A gauge model of amorphous solids is formulated as a theory of connection in the orthonormal-frame bundle over the body manifold with the structure group SO(3). The construction of free-energy integrals and the properties of maximally symmetric configurations are discussed.
Philosophical Magazine B


A variational description of the free and localised states of the acoustic deformation potential polaron
Erçelebi, Ayşe Çiğdem (IOP Publishing, 1988-3-30)
The ground-state property of the acoustic deformation potential polaron is retrieved variationally in the overall range of the coupling constant. The calculation is based on an appropriate extension of the strong-coupling theory and yields a reasonable description of the free and self-localised states of the coupled electron-lattice system.
A density functional theory study on the structures and energetics of CdmTen clusters (m + n <= 6)
Pekoz, Rengin; Erkoç, Şakir (Elsevier BV, 2009-06-01)
Density functional method has been used to study the structural features and energetics of CdmTen clusters (m + n <= 6). The results presented include the geometric structures, binding energies, Mulliken charges on atoms, vibrational frequencies and the corresponding non-zero infrared intensities, HOMO-LUMO energies and the frontier molecular orbital energy gaps, the most possible dissociation channels and their corresponding energies of the clusters.
A variational approach for the two-dimensional magnetopolaron
Erçelebi, Atila; Saqqa, Bassam H. (IOP Publishing, 1989-12-18)
The problem of a two-dimensional magnetopolaron is investigated on the basis of a variational theory consisting of an adiabatic polaronic wavefunction combined with a perturbative correction by which it is possible to interrelate the strong and weak coupling counterparts of the coupled electron-phonon system. It is seen that the theory conveniently reproduces the desirable asymptotic limits in the different regimes of the problem. Furthermore, it is suggested that a satisfying improvement should be achieved...
A study of phase stability and mechanical properties of hydroxylapatite-nanosize alpha-alumina composites
Evis, Zafer (Elsevier BV, 2007-04-01)
Hydroxylapatite (HA)-nanosize alumina composites were synthesized to study their phase stability and mechanical properties. To make these composites, nanosize alpha-Al2O3 powder was used because of its better sinterability and densification as compared to nanosize gamma-Al2O3. The composites were air sintered without pressure and hot pressed in vacuum at 1100 degrees C and 1200 degrees C. In the composites, HA decomposed to tricalcium phosphate faster after the air sintering than hot pressing. Moreover, hex...
Improved analytical approximation to arbitrary l-state solutions of the Schrodinger equation for the hyperbolical potentials
IKHDAİR, SAMEER; Sever, Ramazan (Wiley, 2009-10-01)
The Schrodinger equation for the rotational-vibrational (ro-vibrational) motion of a diatomic molecule with empirical potential functions is solved approximately by means of the Nikiforov-Uvarov method. The approximate energy spectra and the corresponding normalized total wavefunctions are calculated in closed form and expressed in terms of the hypergeometric functions or Jacobi polynomials P-n((mu,nu)) (x), where mu > -1, nu > -1 and x is an element of[-1, +1]. The s-waves analytic solution is obtained. Th...
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T. Dereli and A. Vercin, “A gauge model of amorphous solids containing defects,” Philosophical Magazine B, pp. 625–631, 1987, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/51930.