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Variation of the elastic constants of tourmaline with chemical composition

Elastic wave velocities and lattice parameters of five tourmaline specimens with different chemical compositions have been measured. The piezoelectric effects on the elastic constants have been found to be small and can be neglected. Variations of the elastic wave velocities and elastic constants of the different tourmaline specimens indicate that: (i) partial substitution of Al by Fe in the structure decreases the shear wave velocities, (ii) replacement of Na by Ca increases the resistance of the structure against shear deformation involving C 66, (iii) replacement of Al by Mg seems to decrease the resistance of the structure against longitudinal deformation involving C 33. Elastic constants C 11, C 33, C 44 and C 66 of the different tourmaline specimens used in this study differ individually by 1.7 percent to 6.7 percent, indicating that the large differences (up to 21%) between the values reported by previous authors cannot be explained in terms of the chemical composition alone.