Geochemistry, tectono-magmatic discrimination and radiolarian ages of basic extrusives within the Izmir-Ankara Suture Belt (NW Turkey): Time constraints for the neotethyan evolution

The Dagkuplu Melange in the Central Sakarya Valley represents the northernmost outcrops of the Izmir-Ankara Suture Belt in northwest Anatolia. In addition to blocks and slivers of serpentinite, gabbro, blueschist, neritic and pelagic limestones, it includes blocks of basic volcanic rocks associated with radiolarian cherts, pelagic carbonates and mudstones.


Geochemistry of the metavolcanic rocks from the Cangaldag Complex in the Central Pontides: implications for the Middle Jurassic arc-back-arc system in the Neotethyan Intra-Pontide Ocean
Cimen, Okay; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Sayıt, Kaan (2016-01-01)
The Cangaldag Complex in northern central Turkey is one of the main tectonic units of the Central Pontide Structural Complex that represents the remains of the poorly known Intra-Pontide branch of the Neotethys. It comprises low-grade metamorphic rocks of intrusive, extrusive, and volcaniclastic origin displaying a wide range of felsic to mafic compositions. Petrographically the complex consists of basalts-andesites-rhyodacites and tuffs with minor amount of gabbros and diabases. On the basis of geochemistr...
Geochemistry and Tectonic Implications of Leucogranites and Tourmalines of the Southern Menderes Massif, Southwest Turkey
Bozkurt, Erdin; Mittwede, Steven K.; Ottley, Christopher J. (Informa UK Limited, 2006-10)
Granitoid rocks of the southern Menderes Massif, SW Turkey include widespread possibly Ediacaran high-grade granitic orthogneisses and younger (Tertiary) sheets, sills and/or dikes of variably deformed tourmaline-bearing leucogranites. The latter are confined to the immediate footwall of the regional-scale ductile southern Menderes shear zone. Although both sets of granitoid rocks are essentially calc-alkaline and peraluminous, the syn- to post-collisional tourmaline-bearing leucogranites are chemically dis...
Geochemistry of mafic lavas from Sivas, Turkey and the evolution of Anatolian lithosphere
KÜRKCÜOĞLU, BİLTAN; Pickard, Megan; Sen, Pinar; Hanan, Barry B.; Sayıt, Kaan; Plummer, Charles; ŞEN, ERDAL; Yurur, Tekin; Furman, Tanya (2015-09-01)
Near-contemporaneous suites of mafic lavas from Sivas, Central Anatolia record different petrogenetic histories on the eastern and western sides of a major regional suture marked by the Kizihrmak River, The Sivas basaltic suite has major and trace element compositions suggesting derivation from an anhydrous peridotitic mantle source region. Basaltic trachyandesites in this group are related by up to similar to 65% fractional crystallization of the observed anhydrous mineral phases from a frequently-erupted ...
Bozkurt, Erdin; PARK, RG (1995-05-01)
The protoliths of mylonitized augen gneisses exposed in the southern sector of the Menderes Massif (West Turkey) are calc-alkaline, peraluminous, S-type, late- to post-tectonic tourmaline- and garnet-bearing, two-mica leucogranites. They cut and post-date the fabrics of the 'main Menderes metamorphism' which took place between the early Eocene and early Oligocene and intrude metamorphic basement rocks comprising the so-called 'Palaeozoic schist envelope' of the massif. They are themselves cut by an extensiv...
Berber, Faruk; Sayıt, Kaan; Department of Geological Engineering (2021-12-27)
The Kösdağ Metavolcanics (KM) in the southern Central Pontides crops out between the Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan Suture Zone (IAESZ) in the south and the Sakarya Composite Terrane in the north. The unit is represented by a low-grade metamorphic assemblage including meta-basics, meta-intermediates, and meta-felsics, interlayered with recrystallized limestone, mudstone, and chert. While the unit is bounded to the north by the North Anatolian Fault Zone (NAFZ), the Dikmen Formation stratigraphically overlie the unit...
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M. C. Göncüoğlu and U. K. Tekin, “Geochemistry, tectono-magmatic discrimination and radiolarian ages of basic extrusives within the Izmir-Ankara Suture Belt (NW Turkey): Time constraints for the neotethyan evolution,” OFIOLITI, pp. 25–38, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: