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Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Single-Phase and Two-Phase Interleaving Flyback Micro-Inverters for Grid Connected PV Systems

Kavurucu, Semih
Hava, Ahmet Masum
Flyback converter based single-stage, microinverters are attractive solution for interfacing individual PV modules to the grid due to their low cost, high performance, ease of implementation, and galvanic isolation. In such applications, discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) of operation and interleaving techniques bring additional size and performance advantages such as eliminating reverse recovery loss, switching stress, EMI radiation, and improving efficiency. This paper focuses on performance evaluation of flyback micro-inverters achieving single-phase and interleaving operations with DCM operation. Design and implementation of 200 W single-phase and two-phase interleaved flyback micro-inverters are realized, detailed laboratory tests are conducted and benefits of interleaving technique are demonstrated.