Cinar, Onur
Guncer, R. Haluk
Yazıcı, Adnan
Cloud computing and cloud systems are very popular in today's Information Technology (IT) and systems and have grown very quickly. Cloud computing helps organizations solve increasing IT costs such as their licenses, power consumption, physical protection, by providing better standardization, higher benefit, greater performance, and quicker responses of information services. Carrying vital importance for our private and secret information, cloud systems must provide extra security solutions for database systems with organizations. While using firewalls, and intrusion detection systems on the network for external attacks, some improved access controls must be definitely decided for internal attacks as well. Using database transaction logs and audit can be very helpful on developing a database protection system. However, storing these logs may cause some serious storage and performance problems. Another problem is to manage multiple databases at the same time. In this study we introduce a new lightweight cloud-based database security solution by enhancing our previously developed database security solution, InfoFence, while managing many databases at the same time from a central point. The performance of our proposed database security system in a private cloud has been evaluated against one of the most commonly used products on the market, Oracle Audit Vault Server, and we show that our proposed solution has better performance results in our test environment.
3rd International Conference on Information Science and Security (ICISS)


Database security in private database clouds
Çınar, Onur; Yazıcı, Adnan; Baykal, Nazife; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Cloud computing and systems are very popular in today’s Information Technology and Systems and have grown extremely. Cloud computing helps organizations solve increasing IT costs such as their licenses,power consumption,physical protection,by providing better standardization,higher benefit,greater performance,and quick responses of information services. This thesis presents the study of ensuring database security in cloud computing, protecting data especially from internal attacks, and managing high volumes ...
Cloud-Based Enterprise Information Systems
Şener, Umut; Gökalp, Ebru; Eren, Pekin Erhan (2016-10-15)
Cloud computing is growing at a very fast pace. Enterprise information systems (EISs) such as ERP, SCM, and CRM are used in organizations in order to increase customer satisfaction, operational excellence, and to decrease operational costs. Looking at the widespread literature available on both EIS and Cloud Computing, few researchers have examined the integration of both systems. While this area has not been fully investigated in the academia due to limited available literature, it has attracted significan...
EPICS: A Framework for Enforcing Security Policies in Composite Web Services
Ranchal, Rohit; Bhargava, Bharat; Angın, Pelin; ben Othmane, Lotfi (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-05-01)
With advances in cloud computing and the emergence of service marketplaces, the popularity of composite services marks a paradigm shift from single-domain monolithic systems to cross-domain distributed services, which raises important privacy and security concerns. Access control becomes a challenge in such systems because authentication, authorization and data disclosure may take place across endpoints that are not known to clients. The clients lack options for specifying policies to control the sharing of...
Requirements Engineering for Cloud Systems: A Mapping Study Design
Wanderley, Fernando; Souza, Eric; Goulao, Miguel; Araujo, Joao; Cysneiros, Gilberto; Misra, Ananya (2017-07-06)
Cloud Computing gets increasingly established in industrial practice as an option for modelling cost-efficient and demand-oriented information systems. Despite the increasing acceptance of cloud computing within the industry, many important questions remain unanswered. Issues related to the best software architectures decisions for cloud-based systems are faced with the question of appropriate techniques applying at early phase like requirements engineering. The goal of this paper defines a design of a mapp...
Çetinkaya, Anıl; Kaya, Muhammed Çağrı; Danaci, Erkan; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S. (2022-01-01)
Providing automated and networked solutions on the cloud will remarkably facilitate ongoing digitalization efforts in Metrology and the calibration industry. The AutoRFPower application was developed to automate the RF power measurement process and uncertainty calculations. This study presents our ongoing research on moving this application to a cloud environment and adapting it to perform power sensor calibrations. The cloud-based application initiates communication with calibration equipment, transfers te...
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O. Cinar, R. H. Guncer, and A. Yazıcı, “DATABASE SECURITY IN PRIVATE DATABASE CLOUDS,” presented at the 3rd International Conference on Information Science and Security (ICISS), Pattaya, THAILAND, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: