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The existence of other egos and the philosophy of moral sentiments
Turan, H (2004-08-17)
Scientific analysis of the body and the interaction of minds
Turan, Halil (2005-08-20)
Learning by Eureka
Turan, Halil (2006-08-26)
Husserl's transcendental phenomenology and the mind-body problem
Gruenberg, David (2005-08-20)
Akbay, Gokhan (2009-09-23)
Traces left by Levinas: Is "humanism of the other" possible?
Celik, Sinan Kadir (2005-08-20)
The meaning of life vis-a-yis the challenges of the present-day world
Grunnberg, D (2004-08-17)
Bootstrapping and the problem of testing quantitative theoretical hypotheses
Grünberg, David (1998-08-16)
Two alternative solutions to the problem of computing the values of theoretical quantities and of testing theoretical hypotheses are Sneed's structuralist eliminationism and Glymour's bootstrapping, Sneed attempts to solve...
On the ontological structure of Husserl's perceptual noema and the object of perception
Grünberg, David (2004-08-21)
Biological function without natural design
Sol, Ayhan (2005-08-20)