Distributed Target Tracking with Propagation Delayed Measurements

This paper presents a framework for making distributed target tracking under significant signal propagation delays between the target and the sensors. Each sensor considered makes estimation using its own measurements compensating for the involved signal propagation delay using a deterministic sampling based algorithm proposed previously. Since the individual sensor readings might not be enough to localize the target, the sensors have to share their estimates with each other at specific time instants and correct their individual estimates. This work is mainly related to how this estimate correction and fusion should be carried out. An internal covariance approximation which keeps consistency but at the same time bypasses the track correlation problem is proposed. The results are illustrated on a challenging two-sensor bearings-only tracking scenario.


Centralized Target Tracking with Propagation Delayed Measurements
MEHMETCIK, Erdal; Orguner, Umut (2013-07-12)
In this paper, we investigate the multisensor target tracking problem in environments where the signal propagation delays between the target and the sensors are not negligible. Based on a previously proposed efficient method to solve the implicit equations imposed by the target motion model and the physics rules governing the signal propagation delays, a particle filter is developed to perform multisensor target tracking while compensating for the propagation delays. As opposed to the existing approach in t...
Covariance Matrix Estimation of Texture Correlated Compound-Gaussian Vectors for Adaptive Radar Detection
Candan, Çağatay; Pascal, Frederic (2022-01-01)
Covariance matrix estimation of compound-Gaussian vectors with texture-correlation (spatial correlation for the adaptive radar detectors) is examined. The texture parameters are treated as hidden random parameters whose statistical description is given by a Markov chain. States of the chain represent the value of texture coefficient and the transition probabilities establish the correlation in the texture sequence. An Expectation-Maximization (EM) method based covariance matrix estimation solution is given ...
Multitarget tracking performance metric: deficiency aware subpattern assignment
Oksuz, Kemal; CEMGİL, ALİ TAYLAN (2018-03-01)
Multitarget tracking is a sequential estimation problem where conditioned on noisy sensor measurements, state variables of several targets need to be estimated recursively. In this study, the authors propose a novel performance measure for multitarget tracking named as Deficiency Aware Subpattern Assignment (DASA), that can be used to consistently compare algorithms in a broad spectrum of formulations ranging from conventional data association methods to random finite set based multitarget tracking algorith...
Distributed area partitioning for multi-robot coverage
Hocaoğlu, Burak; Şahin, Erol; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-5-9)
This thesis focuses on the distributed coverage area partitioning problem in a robotic swarm deployed over a known, two-dimensional environment. The goal is to split a region of interest into a number of subregions such that the amount of effort required to cover each subregion is approximately equal with respect to an objective function. Towards this end, the problem is defined as a distributed optimization problem, where the decision varibles are the locations of robots. Then, the proposed solution approa...
Tracking rectangular and elliptical extended targets using laser measurements
Granström, Karl; Lundquist, Christian; Orguner, Umut (IEEE; 2011-07-08)
This paper considers tracking of extended targets using data from laser range sensors. Two types of extended target shapes are considered, rectangular and elliptical, and a method to compute predicted measurements and corresponding innovation covariances is suggested. The proposed method can easily be integrated into any tracking framework that relies on the use of an extended Kalman filter. Here, it is used together with a recently proposed Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density (GM-PHD) filter fo...
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