Diffusion Resistances and Contribution of Surface Diffusion in TAME and TAEE Production Using Amberlyst-15

Doğu, Timur
Boz, Nezahat
Effective diffusivities and adsorption equilibrium constants of methanol, ethanol and 2-methyl-2-butene (2M2B), in Amberlyst 15, were evaluated from batch adsorption experiments. Moment expressions derived for different models involving diffusion resistances in the macropores and within the gel-like micrograins were used for the evaluation of effective diffusion coefficients. Contribution of surface diffusion to diffusion flux within the macropores was found to be quite significant. Also, it was found that diffusion resistance in liquid filled macropores was much more significant than diffusion resistance within the gel-like micrograins of Amberlyst 15., for methanol, ethanol and 2M2B.


DRIFT studies for the reaction and adsorption of alcohols and isobutylene on acidic resin catalysts and the mechanism of ETBE and MTBE synthesis
Doğu, Timur; Aydin, E; Oktar, N; Murtezaoglu, K; Dogu, G (2001-11-14)
Diffuse reflectance FT-IR spectra of methanol and ethanol on Amberlyst 15 and on a synthesized acidic resin catalyst indicate that alcohol molecules are adsorbed by forming hydrogen bridges with the -SO3H sites of the catalyst and among themselves. Some of the alcohol molecules were found to be strongly chemisorbed by dissociation of one or two hydrogen atoms. Isobutylene was also found to be strongly adsorbed by forming a bridged structure between the adsorbed alcohol molecules and the -SO3H groups. DRIFT ...
Carbon-supported PT nanoparticles prepared by new surfactants and different reducing agents for methanol oxidation reaction
Kalyoncu, Sevda; Gökağaç Arslan, Gülsün; Department of Chemistry (2015)
In this thesis, carbon supported platinum catalysts were synthesized to investigate the effect of reducing agent and surfactant on the performance of catalyst towards methanol oxidation reaction. For this purpose, the catalysts were prepared by using PtCl4 as a starting material, propylamine (a) and dipropylamine (b) as surfactant, and sodium borohydride (catalyst I) and formaldehyde (catalyst II) as reducing agent. The prepared catalysts were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron ...
Dynamic analysis of adsorption equilibrium and rate parameters of reactants and products in MTBE, ETBE and TAME production
Oktar, N; Murtezaoglu, K; Doğu, Timur; Dogu, G (Wiley, 1999-04-01)
Adsorption equilibrium constants of ethanol, methanol, isobutylene, isoamylenes (2M2B, 2M1B), MTBE and TAME on Amberlyst 15 catalyst were evaluated from the packed bed moment technique. Adsorption equilibrium constants of alcohols were found to be two orders of magnitude greater than the adsorption equilibrium constants of i-olefins and the corresponding tertiary ethers. However, their apparent heat of adsorption values are quite low (-6,7 kJ/mol and -8.3 kJ/mol for methanol and ethanol, respectively). Amon...
Modeling and control studies for a reactive batch distillation column
Bahar, Almıla; Özgen, Canan; Department of Chemical Engineering (2007)
Modeling and inferential control studies are carried out on a reactive batch distillation system for the esterification reaction of ethanol with acetic acid to produce ethyl acetate. A dynamic model is developed based on a previous study done on a batch distillation column. The column is modified for a reactive system where Artificial Neural Network Estimator is used instead of Extended Kalman Filter for the estimation of compositions of polar compounds for control purposes. The results of the developed dyn...
Vaporization Characteristics Of An İsolated Ethanol Droplet At Flame Conditions
Eyice, Deniz Kaya; Renoux, Guillaume; Halter, Fabien; Yozgatlıgil, Ahmet; Gökalp, Iskender; Chauveau, Christian (2022-1-01)
Single ethanol droplet evaporation characteristics were studied under premixed CH4/air flame conditions via experimental and numerical approaches. In the experimental part, an ethanol droplet with an initial diameter between 20 and 70 μm was injected through a flat laminar stagnant flame. Visualization of the flame front and temporal monitoring of the droplet evaporation at high temperatures up to 2200 K were conducted using planar laser tomography. Velocity measurements indicated that the droplets were sma...
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