Effect of ground perlite incorporation on the performance of blended cements

Erdem, T. K.
Akgül, Çağla
Tokyay, Mustafa
Erdoğan, Turhan Y.
Perlite is a volcanic rock that contains relatively high amounts of SiO2 and Al2O3. Due to its proper chemical composition and glassy structure, it can be used as a pozzolanic addition in blended cements. In this study, ground perlite was used as a cement replacement material in blended cements. Several mortar mixes were prepared to investigate the performance of those cements. The results showed that perlite incorporation caused early age strength losses when compared to the control mortars containing only portland cement; however, the difference between them decreased in time due to the pozzolanic reactions. The strengths of the blended cements were still within the limits of the EN standards. Moreover, it was observed that use of ground perlite increased the durability of portland cement mixes.


Effect of alkali-silica reaction expansion on mechanical properties of concrete
Hafçı, Alkan; Turanlı, Lütfullah; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Alkali-silica reaction (ASR) is a chemical deterioration process which arises in concrete due to reactive aggregate from its constituent, sufficient alkalis from cement or external resources and humidity about 85%. ASR gel, formed by the reaction, absorbs water and expands so that it causes expansion and cracking in concrete. ASR has detrimental effects on mechanical properties of concrete. Therefore, ASR which is a long and a constantly progressive reaction may become a threat to the safety of concrete str...
Investigation on the pozzolanic property of perlite for use in producing blended cements
Erdem, Tahir Kemal; Erdoğan, Turhan Y.; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Perlite is a glassy volcanic rock that contains approximately 70-75% silica and 12-18% alumina. There are very large perlite reserves in the world (~6700 million tons) and approximately two thirds of these is in Turkey. Due to its high amounts of silica and alumina, at the beginning of such a study, it seemed that it would be worth first to find out whether perlite possesses sufficient pozzolanic property when it is a finely divided form and then to investigate whether it could be used as a pozzolanic addit...
Use of perlite as a pozzolanic addition in blended cement production
Meral, Çağla; Erdoğan, Turhan Y.; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
Perlite is a volcanic glass which has high amount of silica and alumina. Those properties make it a candidate, if finely ground, for being used as a pozzolan. The studies on the pozzolanic properties of perlite are very limited, and none of them has dealt with the use of perlite in the blended cement production. The aim of this study is to investigate the pozzolanic properties of perlite, and if appropriate to investigate perlite̕s usability in blended cement production. For this purpose, perlites from two ...
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Musaoğlu, Orhan; Turanlı, Lütfullah; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
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