A BMS development project with an integrated inspection program

A bridge management system is being developed together with an integrated inspection program. A pilot bridge group consisting of 200 bridges is selected for inspections which are located along the state and provincial roads in Turkey. In addition to visual inspections of the pilot bridges, detailed inspections for 10 deteriorated bridges will also be performed. Detailed inspections will be performed using non-destructive testing equipments. Visual inspections for the pilot bridge group have already been completed. Testing equipments to be used include probes for resistance penetration (for strength evaluation), ultrasonic testing equipment, concrete reinforcement locator and a corrosion measurement device for concrete reinforcement. The web-based bridge management system is partially developed and the bridge inventory is constructed for the pilot bridge group. Matrices containing definitions of Bridge types vs. Element types and Element types vs. Damage types have been constructed and implemented in the BMS. The remaining tasks include the determination of the condition states and transfer of inspection results to the system in terms of condition states. The system is expected to have a prioritization module and an optimization module for bridge maintenance-repair-replacement decisions. The project duration is 2.5 years with a budget of $1,120,000. Project details are presented including budget and time schedules. Project activities consists of: personnel employment, technical and safety training of the personnel, procurement, software and database development, development and integration of an optimization algorithm for maintenance repair and replacement activities, development of the inspection program, field-to-database data transfer, and final testing and implementation. The developed Management System will be used by the General Directorate of Highways to plan and monitor the maintenance and repair of the bridges.


Development of a Bridge Inspection and Management Project
Akgül, Ferhat (2010-09-24)
A research project is undertaken for the combined inspection and management of a pilot group of road bridges in Turkey based on the development of a bridge management system (BMS) for the General Directorate of Highways. The pilot study consists of visual inspections of 200 bridges and detailed inspections of 10 bridges. Visual inspections are planned to be carried out by photogrammetric techniques while detailed inspections will include techniques such as strength determination using probe test systems, ul...
A pattern-based approach to waterflood performance prediction using knowledge management tools and classical reservoir engineering forecasting methods
Artun, Emre; Vanderhaeghen, Maurice; Murray, Paul (Inderscience Publishers, 2016-01-01)
An efficient and rapid workflow is presented to estimate the recovery performance of an existing vertical-well, pattern-based waterflood recovery design using knowledge management and reservoir engineering in a collaborative manner. The knowledge management tool is used to gather production data and calculate pattern-based recoveries and injection volumes by defining pattern boundaries and allocating annual well injection/production volumes in a systematic manner. Classical reservoir engineering forecasting...
A Dynamic software configuration management system
Kandemir, Fatma Gülşah; Doğru, Ali Hikmet; Erbaş, Cengiz; Department of Computer Engineering (2012)
Each software project requires a specialized management to handle software development activities throughout the project life cycle successfully and efficiently. Software governance structures provide easy and efficient ways to handle software development activities. Software configuration management is an important software development activity, and while selecting the right strategy in configuration management, its conformity to the software governance should be considered as well. Software configuration ...
A New Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator for CNC Machine Applications
USENMEZ, S.; MUTLU, B. R.; Yaman, Ulaş; KILIÇ, ERGİN; Dölen, Melik; Koku, Ahmet Buğra (2013-03-01)
This study focuses on an integrated software and hardware platform that is capable of performing (real-time/nonreal- time) hardware-in-the-loop simulation of dynamic systems, including electrical machinery, CNC machine tools. In this approach, once the dynamics of the plant to be controlled is defined via C++ language, the resulting code is cross-compiled automatically on a PC. Executable files along with the necessary drivers are downloaded onto the composite hardware platform that consists of a Field Prog...
Development of UAV-based pavement crack identification system using artificial intelligence
Ersöz, Ahmet Bahaddin; Pekcan, Onur; Department of Civil Engineering (2016)
Building an accurate, robust and timely working Pavement Crack Identification System (PCIS) is one of the challenging components of Pavement Management Systems (PMSs). The ultimate aim of PCIS is to have autonomous inspection methods integrated into PMS. This way a modern PCIS may replace the currently used methods to eliminate their shortcomings such as being labor intensive, biased and time consuming. With the recent introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), engineering research studies are incline...
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