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Mesenchymal stem cell studies in children with inherited diseases: A proposal for identification of candidate diseases for mesenchymal stem cell therapies (PEDI-STEM project)
Uckan, D.; Kilic, E.; Aerts, F.; Cetin, M.; Gumruk, F.; Tezeaner, A. (2006-01-01)
The Influences of Reuse Solution and the Hemodialysis Environment on the High Flux Polyamide Hollow Fiber Membranes
Sarica, N.; Aksoy, M. E.; USTA, Metin; BİNDAL, CUMA; Uecisik, A. H. (2009-09-12)
In order to reveal the effect of reuse solution and the hemodialysis environment on the stability of high flux polyamide hollow fiber membranes, mechanical tests, surface and X-ray diffraction studies were performed on bot...
Cylindrical Shell Approach for an Infrared Embedded Metamaterial Composed of Circular Ring Resonator with Wire Strip Topology
Gunduz, Ozan T.; Sabah, Cumali; Leitgeb, Erich (2016-09-16)
In this study, a composite media formed by the combination of a metallic resonator and a dielectric material is mathematically analyzed by means of its effective magnetic and electric response. It is demonstrated that a re...
Damage assessment of beam structures
Bolcan, C; Gecit, MR; Akkas, N (1996-08-23)
Effect of lining materials on fracture resistance of amalgam restorations
Eminkahyagil, N; Orcan, Y; Gokalp, S (2001-04-01)
Comparison of Intelligent Classification Techniques by Practicing a Specific Technology Audit
Berkol, A.; Kara, G.; Turk, A. (2016-09-08)
Technology audit activities arc carried out for assessment of firms' technological requirements, capacity or management capability. The aim of these assessments is to define the weaknesses of firms and develop actions in o...
Two-dimensional transient dynamic response of orthotropic layered media
Abu Alshaikh, Ibrahim; Turhan, Dogan; Mengi, Yalcin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC; 2006-12-01)
In this study, two-dimensional transient dynamic response of orthotropic plane layered media is investigated. The plane multilayered media consist of N different generally orthotropic, homogeneous and linearly elastic laye...
Two-dimensional transient shear wave propagation in viscoelastic cylindrical layered media
Abu-Alshaikh, I; Turhan, D; Mengi, Y (2001-06-06)
In this study, propagation of two-dimensional transient shear waves in viscoelastic cylindrical layered media is investigated. The multilayered medium consists of N different isotropic, homogeneous and linearly viscoelasti...
Data digitization techniques used in the analysis of free oscillation of human lower limb
Yerli, G; Orcan, Y; Akkas, N (1998-08-21)
In biomechanics, the ability to manipulate the video data of the desired human motion using computer vision is as important as obtaining the numerical solutions from mathematical modeling. This paper covers both of these r...
Noise exposure and work performance analysis in oil industry
Dal, U.; Birlik, G. A. (2012-05-27)
The petrochemical plant studied in this study is located at an altitude of roughly 2.200 meters from the sea level. Eleven buildings are dispersed over an area of 40.000 m(2). The average temperature in January is -11,4 de...