Understanding the Process of Economic Change in Turkey: An Institutional Approach.

Şenses, Fikret


Understanding the Relationship Between Public Participation and Municipal Service Quality: A Case Study From Turkey
Yavuz, Nilay (2017-08-30)
Understanding value creation in ppps: a case study in the Turkish healthcare sector.
Erk, Eralp Yükse; Tokdemir, Onur Behzat; Department of Civil Engineering (2020)
The motivation behind this thesis is to enhance the success of the healthcare PPPs. Departing from the idea that the success of the projects should be evaluated on the basis of the value created by them, the objective of this study is determined to be “understanding value creation in healthcare PPPs”. In order to satisfy this objective, a conceptual framework is constructed with relevant concepts from the project value creation and business model literature together with semi-structured surveys with Turkish...
Understanding brand building processes in an emerging market context : the interplay between TURQUALITY program and the Turkish jewellery companies
Yaran, İlkin; Karababa, Eminegül; Department of Business Administration (2014)
This study aims to understand the interplay between TURQUALITY program and the Turkish companies in their brand building processes, taking the case of jewellery industry. Jewelleries are fashion and luxury consumption items and jewellery brands provide symbolic resources for consumers. Therefore, this study also focuses on TURQUALITY program's guidance in more complex brand management context which necessitates symbolic branding strategies. The study adopts qualitative research to understand how these jewel...
Understanding the reform process of the Ottoman diplomacy : a case of modernization?
Erülker, Cem; Kahraman, Sevilay; Department of European Studies (2015)
The reasons that forced the Ottoman Empire to change its conventional method of diplomacy starting from late 18th century will be examined in this Thesis. In the first part, the basis of diplomacy and foreign policy will be examined with given political understandings and practices on certain issues drawn mainly from the European diplomatic history. In the second part, history of the Ottoman Empire would be mentioned briefly since it serves as the general contextual framework for understanding the need of r...
Understanding populist politics in Turkey: a hegemonic depth approach
Yalvaç, Faruk (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2019-12-01)
The aim of this article is to understand populism as a hegemonic project involving a struggle for power between different social forces. We take a critical realist approach in defining populism. This implies several things. We develop a new approach to understanding populist politics by taking neither a purely discursive (Laclau), nor a solely structural (Poulantzas), but a critical realist approach and analysing the three-way relationship between structural conditions, agency, and institutional framework. ...
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