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The Use of Falcon Concentrator to Determine the Gravity Recoverable Gold ( GRG) Content in Gold Ores

Önel, Öznur
This study presents the results of the application of the laboratory gravity-recoverable-gold (GRG) determination procedure on a Turkish gold ore using a Falcon concentrator. The study had two major goals; as investigating the compatibility of Falcon concentrator for GRG procedure (which was originally developed for Knelson concentrator); and finding out the gravity recoverable gold content in Gumushane/Mastra gold ore. It was seen that a concentrate enriched in Au content could be successfully achieved: After the first stage a product with an Au grade of 41.09 mgAu/tonne at % 10.95 fractional gold recovery at the first stage of the procedure. Au content in the concentrate increased to 98.84 mg after the second stage and finally 59.74 mg Au was obtained by the third stage. As a result of the application, it was found that the GRG content of Gumushane/Mastra gold was 48.28%, corresponding to a significant potential for obtaining an Au-enriched preconcentrate.