Geology and Lignite deposit of the Ayvaköy area (Dodurga-Çorum-Turkey).

Özten, Ahmet


Geology and petrology of the kösedağ metavolcanic rocks to the south of Tosya
Berber, Faruk; Sayıt, Kaan; Department of Geological Engineering (2015)
The Kösedağ Metavolcanics crops out in the southern Central Pontides as a NE-SW trending belt to the south of Tosya. This unit is characterized by a low-grade metavolcanic assemblage interbedded with metasedimentary lithologies. While these metavolcanics are bounded to the north by the North Anatolian Fault Zone, they structurally overlie the metacarbonates of the Dikmen Formation in the south. Petrographically, the Kösedağ Metavolcanics are characterized by metadacites, metaandesites and metabasalts. The m...
Geology and petrology of HP/LT metamorphics in Altınekin area (Konya-Central Anatolia)
Özgül, Levent; Göncüoğlu, M. Kemal; Department of Geological Engineering (1998)
Geology and petrography of the Fethiye ophiolite around Çaltıözü village Fethiye western taurus
Kadınkız, Gökhan; Tankut, Ayla; Department of Geological Engineering (1990)
Geology and petrology of Beypazari Granitoids : Yassikaya sector
Billur, Başak; Lünel, A. Taylan; Department of Geological Engineering (2004)
Beypazari Granitoid is a low temperature and shallow-seated batholite intruded the Tepeköy metamorphic rocks of the Central Sakarya Terrane. Composition of the granitoid varies from granite to diorite. The granitoid is unconformably overlain by Palaeocene and Eocene rock units. Thus the age is probably Late Cretaceous. The Beypazari Granitoid comprises mafic microgranular enclaves. The granitoid mainly consists of quartz, plagioclase, orthoclase and minor amphibole, biotite, chlorite, zircon, sphene, apatit...
Geology and the chromite deposits of Etibank's eastern chrome establishment at Soridağ.
Mustafa, Abrar S; Department of Mining Engineering (1970)
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A. Özten, “Geology and Lignite deposit of the Ayvaköy area (Dodurga-Çorum-Turkey).,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.