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Women in management: Still waiting to be full members of the club

Sümer, Hayriye Canan
The purpose of this study was first to explore the dimensionality of the ratings made for a successful middle manager using the Schein Descriptive Index (SDI) (Schein, 1973), and then to compare the ratings made for a successful middle manager, a women, and a man on the identified dimensions. Students (N=806) enrolled in psychology courses in a university in Ankara, Turkey rated the SDI adjectives to describe a woman, a man, or a successful middle manager. Three factors were identified that underlie the SDI adjectives for a successful middle manager: relationship-orientation, task-orientation, and emotional stability. Compared to men and middle managers in general, women were perceived by all participants to be relatively high in relationship-orientation, relatively low in task-orientation, and relatively low in emotional stability. Implications of the findings are discussed using role congruity theory as a general framework.