Web-Based Education Support Tools Used for Teaching the "Engineering Graphics" Course

Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are essential in modern industry. The students can actually use the skills and knowledge learned in "Computer Aided Engineering Graphics" course through their education and professional life. This paper describes and demonstrates how "ME-105 Computer Aided Engineering Graphics" course was offered to non-mechanical engineering students at Middle East Technical University (METU) using Web-based materials. Using the offered Web-based course model it is possible to give the course to 900 non-mechanical engineering students (450 students and 9 sections each semester) by teaching assistants. The model provides the same quality of teaching that we have in the engineering drawing course offered to 210 mechanical engineering students using the traditional classroom methods with full-time instructors.
2nd International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture


Examining adaptive expertise: A novel comparison of student and practicing engineer cad modeling performance
Johnson, Michael D.; Öztürk, Elif; Yalvac, Bugrahan; Valverde, Lauralee; Peng, Xiaobo; Liu, Ke (2015-01-01)
Computer-aided design (CAD) tools are critical in the current fast-paced digital product commercialization environment. As firms move towards a model based enterprise, it becomes more important for engineers to develop the skills necessary to efficiently and effectively model components in CAD. The status of CAD education and training has often been decried as focusing too much on declarative knowledge, namely how to do specific procedures in a specific software program. This is opposed to the strategic kno...
Analysis of contextual computer-Aided design (CAD) exercises
Öztürk, Elif; Peng, Xiaobo; Valverde, Lauralee Mariel; Mcgary, Prentiss Dwight; Johnson, Michael (2013-09-24)
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technologies are an essential part of modern design endeavors. In today's industry, engineers use CAD models throughout their work. This makes CAD education crucial. However current CAD education has typically focused on narrow skills related to particular CAD software. The skills necessary to adapt new CAD software and effectively utilize the existing models in modified designs are not the primary emphasis in CAD education. In this paper, the most recent findings of a three-year...
WEB-based education: Teaching the "Computer Aided Engineering Drawing" course with WEB
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan (2004-07-25)
The graphics of engineering design and construction may very well be the most important course of all studies for engineering. The reason why graphics is so extremely important is that it is the language of the designer, technician, and engineer used to communicate designs and constructions details to others. This paper will describe and demonstrate how "Computer Aided Engineering Drawing" course was offered to non-mechanical engineering students using Web-based materials.
A methodology for examining the role of adaptive expertise on CAD modeling
Johnson, Michael D.; Öztürk, Elif; Valverde, Lauralee; Yalvac, Bugrahan; McGary, Prentiss; Peng, Xiaobo (2013-01-01)
Computer-aided design (CAD) tools play a significant role in the modern product commercialization environment. As CAD and general CAx technology advances, it becomes more important to understand how engineers adapt their expertise to new environments and problems. This work examines a methodology consisting of a set of surveys, interviews, and exercises with a small group of practicing engineers to assess adaptive expertise (AE) and relate this AE to CAD modeling performance and procedures. Results detail A...
Development of a web-based manufacturing application system for rotational parts
Özsüer, Erhan; Anlağan, Ömer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2003)
Developing process plans and part programs rapidly and correctly for CNC machine tools plays a vital role in manufacturing. This study is concerned with the development of a web-enabled virtual design and manufacturing application system for rotational parts. The object oriented methodology is used in the application development. Windows Distributed interNet Application (DNA) architecture which describes a framework of building software technologies in an integrated web and client-server model of computing,...
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