Mixed-mode stress intensity factors for an embedded crack in an orthotropic FGM coating

Dağ, Serkan
Erdogan, F.
Analytical and computational methods are developed to examine mixed-mode fracture behaviour of an orthotropic FGM coating bonded to a homogeneous substrate through a layer of a bond-coat. The coating is assumed to contain an embedded crack perpendicular to the direction of the material property gradation. First, an analytical solution is developed considering a perturbation problem. Using Fourier transform, the problem is reduced to a system of singular integral equations which are solved by means of an expansion-collocation technique. Then, finite element method is utilized to investigate the same problem using the displacement correlation technique (DCT). By using the developed finite element method, mixed-mode stress intensity factors are also evaluated for an FGM coating-bond coat-substrate structure that is subjected to thermal stresses.
9th International Conference on Multiscale and Functionally Graded Materials


Mixed-mode fracture analysis of orthotropic FGM coatings under mechanical and thermal loads
İlhan, Küçük Ayşe; Dağ, Serkan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2007)
In this study, it is aimed to investigate the mixed-mode fracture behavior of orthotropic functionally graded material (FGM) coatings bonded to a homogeneous substrate through a homogeneous bond-coat. Analytical and computational methods are used to solve the embedded cracking problems under mechanical or thermal loading conditions. It is assumed that the material property gradation of the FGM coating is in the thickness direction and cracks are parallel to the boundaries. The principal axes of orthotropy a...
The frictional contact problem of sliding rigid parabolic stamps on graded materials
GÜLER, MEHMET ALİ; Erdogan, F.; Dağ, Serkan (2006-10-18)
This study presents an analytical procedure to determine the contact stress distribution at the surface of an FGM coating perfectly bonded to a homogeneous substrate. The coating is assumed to be loaded by a rigid stamp of a semi-circular or circular profile. Using Fourier transformations, the contact mechanics problems are reduced to a singular integral equation of the second kind. Singular behavior of the unknown contact stress distribution at the end points is determined by following a function theoretic...
Analytical Solution of a Crack Problem in a Radially Graded FGM
Cetin, Suat; Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (2008-09-25)
The objective of this study is to determine stress intensity factors (SIFs) for a crack in a functionally graded layer bonded to a homogeneous substrate. Functionally graded coating contains an edge crack perpendicular to the interface. It is assumed that plane strain conditions prevail and the crack is subjected to mode I loading. By introducing an elastic foundation underneath the homogeneous layer, the plane strain problem under consideration is used as an approximate model for an FGM coating with radial...
Sliding frictional contact between a rigid punch and a laterally graded elastic medium
Dağ, Serkan; Yidirim, Bora; Ozatag, A. Cihan (2009-11-01)
Analytical and computational methods are developed for contact mechanics analysis of functionally graded materials (FGMs) that possess elastic gradation in the lateral direction. In the analytical formulation, the problem of a laterally graded half-plane in sliding frictional contact with a rigid punch of an arbitrary profile is considered. The governing partial differential equations and the boundary conditions of the problem are satisfied through the use of Fourier transformation. The problem is then redu...
Contact mechanics of graded materials: Analyses using singular integral equations
Dağ, Serkan (2006-10-18)
Contact stress distribution at an FGM surface is evaluated using an analytical technique based on the singular integral equations. An FGM half-plane is assumed to be in sliding contact with a rigid stamp of an arbitrary profile. The functionally graded medium is assumed to possess two-dimensional material property variations. Two independent nonhomogeneity constants are used to derive the governing partial differential equations. By using the integral transform techniques, all boundary conditions are satisf...
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