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Evaluating the utility of satellite-based precipitation estimates for runoff prediction in ungauged basins

Yılmaz, Koray Kamil
Gupta, Hoshin
Hogue, Terri S.
Hsu, Kuo-Lin
Wagener, Thorsten
Sorooshian, Soroosh
Increased availability of global satellite-based precipitation estimates makes them potentially suitable for hydrological applications in remote regions where ground-based measurement networks are missing or sparse. This potential can be evaluated by testing the satellite estimates at locations where relatively dense ground-based networks are available. This study was conducted for two sites in the southeastern United States where precipitation estimates from a raingauge networks weather radar and satellite observations exist. The satellitebased estimates were provided by the PERSIANN system, which combines infrared and microwave information from geostationary and polar orbiting satellites. The precipitation estimates are first compared and then used to drive the Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting hydrological model for runoff forecasting. The results provide insight into the potential utility of satellite-based precipitation estimates for water resources management of ungauged basins.