Impact of scalability in video transmission in promotion-capable differentiated services networks

Gurses, E
Akar, Gözde
Akar, N
Transmission of high quality video over the Internet faces many challanges including unpredictable packet loss characteristics of the current Internet and the heterogeneity of receivers in terms of their bandwidth and processing capabilities. To address these challanges, we propose an architecture in this paper that is based on the temporally scalable and error resilient video coding mode of the H.263+ codec. In this architecture, the video frames will be transported over a new generation IP network that supports differentiated services (Diffserv). We also propose a novel Two Rate Three Color Promotion-Capable Marker (trTCPCM) to be used at the edge of the diffserv network. Our simulation study demonstrates that an average of 30 dB can be achieved in case of highly congested links.
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing


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