Novel enantioselective synthesis of cyclopropane amino acids.

Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı
Cagir, A
Sesenoglu, O


New method to synthesize thienopyridinone and thienodiazepinone derivatives
Cokol, Nalan Korkmaz; Balca, Metin (2017-08-20)
New chiral synthons from the PLE catalyzed enantiomeric separation of 6-acetoxycyclohex-2-en-1-one derivatives.
Tanyeli, Cihangir; Dikici, E (1997-09-07)
New chiral aziridinylphosphonic acids; synthesis and evaluation of their organocatalytic and biological activity
Doğan, Özdemir (2018-08-19)
Novel pathways for fuels and lubricants from biomass optimized using life-cycle greenhouse gas assessment
Balakrishnan, Madhesan; Sacia, Eric R.; Sreekumar, Sanil; Günbaş, Emrullah Görkem; Gokhale, Amit A.; Scown, Corinne D.; Toste, F. Dean; Bell, Alexis T. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2015-06-23)
Decarbonizing the transportation sector is critical to achieving global climate change mitigation. Although biofuels will play an important role in conventional gasoline and diesel applications, bioderived solutions are particularly important in jet fuels and lubricants, for which no other viable renewable alternatives exist. Producing compounds for jet fuel and lubricant base oil applications often requires upgrading fermentation products, such as alcohols and ketones, to reach the appropriate molecular-we...
Novel topological nodal lines and exotic drum-head-like surface states in synthesized CsCl-type binary alloy TiOs
Wang, Xiaotian; Ding, Guangqian; Cheng, Zhenxiang; Surucu, Gokhan; Wang, Xiao-Lin; Yang, Tie (Elsevier BV, 2020-03-01)
Very recently, searching for new topological nodal line semimetals (TNLSs) and drum-head-like (DHL) surface states has become a hot topic in the field of physical chemistry of materials. Via first principles, in this study, a synthesized CsCl type binary alloy, TiOs, was predicted to be a TNLS with three topological nodal lines (TNLs) centered at the X point in the k(x/y/z) = pi plane, and these TNLs, which are protected by mirror, time reversal (T) and spatial inversion (P) symmetries, are perpendicular to...
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A. S. Demir, A. Cagir, and O. Sesenoglu, “Novel enantioselective synthesis of cyclopropane amino acids.,” ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, pp. 0–0, 2000, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: