The effect of hydrophobic interactions in the dimer interface of Thermoplasma acidophilum citrate synthase on thermostability.

Erduran, I
Kocabıyık, Semra


A study on the stress-strain behavior of railroad ballast materials by use of parallel gradation technique
Kaya, Mustafa; Özkan, M. Yener; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
The shear strength, elastic moduli and plastic strain characteristics of scaled-down ballast materials are investigated by use of the parallel gradation technique. Uniformly graded ballast materials chosen for the investigation are limestone, basalt and steel-slag. Steel-slag is a byproduct material of Eregli Iron and Steel Works, which is suitable to meet the durability test requirements as well as the electrical resistivity and the waste contaminants regulatory level. Conventional triaxial testing at a st...
An algorithm to generate alternative train schedules on single track railroads
Bayırtepe, Hikmet; Akyılmaz, M. Özdemir; Department of Civil Engineering (1995)
The predictors of life satisfaction of visually impaired turkish adolescents
Aydemir, Deniz; Sümer, Zeynep; Department of Educational Sciences (2009)
Present study investigated the role of gender, age, perceived level of impairment, income, social activity level, and perceived social support from family, friend, and significant other in predicting total, family, friend, self, school, and living environment related life satisfaction of visually impaired Turkish adolescents. Participants were consisted of 138 volunteered visually impaired adolescents resides in Ankara. Age of the participants ranged between 11 and 22 with the mean of 14.38 (SD = 2.17). Dat...
The decline of community-based solidarity among the urban poor: the case of Bostancık Neighbourhood in Ankara
Tanış, Duygu; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2009)
This thesis concentrates on the effects of poverty and socio-spatial exclusion on the local communities and the solidarity ties among the poor. The field research conducted in Bostancık Neighbourhood revolved around two basic questions; socio-spatial segregation of the poor communities from the wider society and the impact of this on the internal structure of these communities with special reference to the solidarity ties and networks. The findings of the research show that the urban poor have been excluded...
The issue of undecidability within the debate between Ernesto Laclau and Slavoj Žižek
Uzuner, Mehmet Gökhan; Okyayuz, Mehmet; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2009)
The philosophical problem of the tension between liberty and order has dominated the agenda of western philosophy and science since the beginning of the history of thought, and it is a leading issue nowadays, too. The problem of the act of decision is particularly one of the significant themes of contemporary political thought. Instead of the classical poles of both voluntarism and determinism prioritising either the subject or the structure, what should be employed is a much deeper analysis of the relation...
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I. Erduran and S. Kocabıyık, “The effect of hydrophobic interactions in the dimer interface of Thermoplasma acidophilum citrate synthase on thermostability.,” JOURNAL OF PROTEIN CHEMISTRY, pp. 531–532, 1998, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: