Interaction of melatonin with zwitterionic model membranes

Severcan, Feride
Sahin, I
Kazanci, N
48th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society


Interactions of cholesterol reducing agent simvastatin with neutral DPPC and DMPC multilamellar liposomes
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Analysis of the binding of hydrophobic peptides or proteins to membranes generally assumes that the solute is monomeric in both the aqueous phase and the membrane. Simulations were performed to examine the effect of solute self-association in the aqueous phase on the binding of monomeric solute to lipid vesicles. Aggregation lowered the initial concentration of monomeric solute, which was then maintained at a relatively constant value at the expense of the aggregated solute, as the lipid concentration was i...
Effect of Molecular Crowding on the Structure and Dynamics of Human Apo and Holo Transferrin using 2D-IR Correlation Spectroscopy
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The Effect of Selenium Treatment On-Diabetic-Induced Structural Variations in the Molecules of Rat Kidney Plasma Membrane
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