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Mobile monitoring system to take PQ snapshots of Turkish electricity transmission system

Oezdemirci, E.
Akkaya, Y.
Boyrazoglu, B.
Buhan, S.
Terciyanh, A.
Uensar, O.
Altintas, E.
Haliloglu, B.
Acik, A.
Atalik, T.
Salor, O.
Demirci, T.
Cadirci, I.
Ermiş, Muammer
This work is devoted to taking nationwide power quality (PQ) snapshots of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System, via field measurements carried out by application speck mobile monitoring equipment. This project is carried out as a subproject of the National Power Quality Project of Turkey, and is aimed at investigating the general status of electric power quality and reactive power flows in the Electricity Transmission System all over the country. Critical points will then be selected to place permanent PQ monitors, and to carry out troubleshooting projects on the system. This paper describes the mobile monitoring system established, and the methodology used to obtain power quality snapshots of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System. Some sample outputs of the mobile monitoring system are also given in the paper.