Unified Process Modeling with UPROM Tool

Aysolmaz, Banu
Demirörs, Onur
UPROM tool is a business process modeling tool designed to conduct business process and user requirements analysis in an integrated way to constitute a basis for process automation. Usually, business process models are not utilized systematically to develop related artifacts, specifically when a process-aware information system is to be developed to automate those processes. This results in completeness, consistency and maintainability problems for those artifacts. Unified business process modeling methodology, UPROM, is developed to integrate process modeling and practices. Enabling the application of UPROM, the tool provides editors for six different diagram types based on a common meta-model. It offers features so that modelers can develop a cohesive set of models. Using these models, UPROM tool can be used to automatically generate artifacts of user requirements document, COSMIC based software size estimation, process definition document and business glossary.
Citation Formats
B. Aysolmaz and O. Demirörs, “Unified Process Modeling with UPROM Tool,” Thessaloniki, GREECE, 2014, vol. 204, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/56765.