Unbounded absolutely weak Dunford-Pettis operators

Gezer, Niyazi Anıl
Zabeti, Omid
In the present article, we expose various properties of unbounded absolutely weak Dunford-Pettis and unbounded absolutely weak compact operators on a Banach lattice E. In addition to their topological and lattice properties, we investigate relationships between M-weakly compact operators, L-weakly compact operators, and order weakly compact operators with unbounded absolutely weak Dunford-Pettis operators. We show that the square of any positive uaw-Dunford-Pettis (M-weakly compact) operator on an order continuous Banach lattice is compact. Many examples are given to illustrate the essential conditions.


Alpay, Safak (2012-10-01)
We discuss operators of strong type B between a Banach lattice and a Banach space and give necessary and sufficient conditions for this class of operators to coincide with weakly compact operators.
Unbounded order convergence and the Gordon theorem#
Gorokhova, S.G.; Kutateladze, S.S. (2019-01-01)
The celebrated Gordon's theorem is a natural tool for dealing with universal completions of Archimedean vector lattices. Gordon's theorem allows us to clarify some recent results on unbounded order convergence. Applying the Gordon theorem, we demonstrate several facts on order convergence of sequences in Archimedean vector lattices. We present an elementary Boolean-Valued proof of the Gao-Grobler-Troitsky-Xanthos theorem saying that a sequence xn in an Archimedean vector lattice X is uo-null (uo-Cauchy) in ...
o tau-Continuous, Lebesgue, KB, and Levi Operators Between Vector Lattices and Topological Vector Spaces
Alpay, Safak; Emelyanov, Eduard; Gorokhova, Svetlana (2022-06-01)
We investigate o tau-continuous/bounded/compact and Lebesgue operators from vector lattices to topological vector spaces; the Kantorovich-Banach operators between locally solid lattices and topological vector spaces; and the Levi operators from locally solid lattices to vector lattices. The main idea of operator versions of notions related to vector lattices lies in redistributing topological and order properties of a topological vector lattice between the domain and range of an operator under investigation...
Unbounded asymptotic equivalences of operator nets with applications
ERKURŞUN ÖZCAN, NAZİFE; Gezer, Niyazi Anıl (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-09-01)
Present paper deals with applications of asymptotic equivalence relations on operator nets. These relations are defined via unbounded convergences on vector lattices. Given two convergences c and delta on a vector lattice, we study delta-asymptotic properties of operator nets formed by c-continuous operators. Asymptotic equivalences are known to be useful and extremely important tools to study infinite behaviors of strongly convergent operator nets and continuous semigroups. After giving a general theory, p...
Banach lattices on which every power-bounded operator is mean ergodic
Emelyanov, Eduard (1997-01-01)
Given a Banach lattice E that fails to be countably order complete, we construct a positive compact operator A : E --> E for which T = I - A is power-bounded and not mean ergodic. As a consequence, by using the theorem of R. Zaharopol, we obtain that if every power-bounded operator in a Banach lattice is mean ergodic then the Banach lattice is reflexive.
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N. ERKURŞUN ÖZCAN, N. A. Gezer, and O. Zabeti, “Unbounded absolutely weak Dunford-Pettis operators,” TURKISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, pp. 2731–2740, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/56895.