Supervision / examination activities in the Turkish banking system with special emphasis on accounting practices

Tunaboylu, Ali Naili


Evaluation of the financial instruments within tje conservation activities
Şahin, Evrim; Ersoy, Melih; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2006)
In Turkey, the immovable cultural properties are conserved by being listed either as single units or as conservation zones in accordance with relative laws and regulations. This legal registration restricts the development rights of these immovable estates. While the owner of the immovable looses the development and the productive rights over his estate, he is also undertaken the maintenance, repair and restoration responsibilities of the building. The purpose of this study is to analyze the achievements an...
Evaluation of work accidents and safety management for accident prevention in the construction industry of Turkey
Dingiloğlu, Haluk; Erant, Engin; Department of Civil Engineering (1987)
Evaluation and forecasting of gas consumption by statistical analysis
Gorucu, FB; Gumrah, F (2004-02-01)
This study includes an approach to understand the factors affecting gas demand and to forecast gas consumption by multivariable regression analysis for the capital city of Ankara, Turkey. The process of the study is developing a statistical model and testing the model for the past years to understand how accurate it is. After obtaining the most reliable model, forecasting the gas consumption for the remaining days of 2002 and the year 2005 is performed. During the project, by the means of economical conditi...
Management of political risks in public non-building contruction projects.
Yazan, Murat Sefik; Birgönül, Talat; Yeğinobalı, Asım; Department of Civil Engineering (1996)
Determination of environmental problems of the transboundary pipeline and applicable national and international legal framework
Güneyli, Yamaç; Okandan, Ender; Turhan, Turgut; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2003)
Regarding historical tendency and today̕s future estimations, the global demand of petroleum is expected to reach a huge amount and this will be supplied by fossil fuels. Turkey̕s geographic location will make it an optimum route for transportation between the energy-rich Caspian regions, and the energy-consuming nations of Europe. Therefore, the transboundary pipeline, the most efficient means of transporting large quantities of hydrocarbons across long distances over land, will gain importance and the dec...
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A. N. Tunaboylu, “Supervision / examination activities in the Turkish banking system with special emphasis on accounting practices,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.