Management of political risks in public non-building contruction projects.

Yazan, Murat Sefik


Kentsel Mekânda Değişimin Yönetilmesi
Ünlü, Tolga (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2006)
In the Turkish planning system, Urban Development Plan (İmar Planı) represents a “development framework”, which assumes the role of a Master Plan, prepared by specialist planners to control all land use decisions, densities and circulation of a city for a target year. It concentrates on the picture of an anticipated future as an end-state. It does not, however, deal with the process between the present and that anticipated future. Consequently, the process of achieving the future is not a matter of concern ...
Analysis of fatal accidents and determination of safety performance in the construction industry.
Sengor, Abdurrahman; Department of Civil Engineering (1980)
Management of bundled tickets in sports and entertainment industry
Yakıcı, Ertan; Süral, Haldun; Department of Industrial Engineering (2012)
Revenue management techniques can be used in industries where the capacity is limited and perishable, and the market can be segmented. In this work, the sales of event tickets in the sports and entertainment industry is focused, assuming tickets are sold initially as season tickets and as single tickets later in the revenue horizon. Basic decision problems within this context are the determination of optimal time at which the switch from bundled tickets to single tickets should occur and the decision of whi...
Management of Interdependent Infrastructure Networks under Disaster-Related Uncertainties
Batun, Sakine; Canbilen, Tuğçe (null; 2019-06-23)
Management of interdependent infrastructure networks under disaster-related uncertainties
Canbilen, Tuğçe; Batun, Sakine; Çelik, Melih; Department of Industrial Engineering (2020-8)
During a disaster, multiple infrastructures such as power, water, or telecommunications networks may face disruptions in their services. Services of these infrastructures are vital in the aftermath of a disaster to facilitate search-and-rescue activities, relief transportation, and restoration efforts. Furthermore, the operations of these infrastructures may depend on receiving services from others, resulting in an interdependent network structure. In the aftermath of a disaster, damages on the network segm...
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M. S. Yazan, “Management of political risks in public non-building contruction projects.,” Middle East Technical University, 1996.