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Calculation of the Raman frequency and linewidth of vibrons using anharmonic self energy model for the ε, δloc and δ phases in solid nitrogen

Temperature dependences of the Raman frequency shifts and linewidths of vibrons ν1, ν2 and ν22 are calculated from the anharmonic self energy in the ε, δloc (localized δ) and δ phases of solid nitrogen (P = 18.5 GPa). This is performed by fitting the expressions from the the anharmonic self energy to the experimental frequency and FWHM data for those vibrons from the literature. Our results show that the anharmonic self energy model can explain adequately the observed behavior of the Raman frequency and linewidth of the vibrons for the transitions of the ε-δloc – δ in solid nitrogen. This method of analysis can also be applied to other some molecular solids close to the phase transitions.