Developing a technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) assessment for preservice teachers learning to teach English as a foreign language

Baser, Derya
Kopcha, Theodore J.
Özden, Muhammet Yaşar
This paper reports the development and validation process of a self-assessment survey that examines technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) among preservice teachers learning to teach English as a foreign language (EFL). The survey, called TPACK-EFL, aims to provide an assessment tool for preservice foreign language teachers that addresses subject-specific pedagogies and technologies. Using mixed methods approach, survey items were generated first using qualitative methods (e.g. expert interviews and document analysis). The content validity of the items was established through expert and preservice teacher reviews. The survey was then validated through two rounds of exploratory factor analysis (EFA), the first with 174 preservice EFL teachers and the second with 204 preservice EFL teachers. The results of the first round indicated a five-factor structure: technological knowledge (TK), content knowledge (CK), pedagogical knowledge (PK), pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and a fifth factor that combined TCK, TPK, and TPACK items. After revising the survey, the second round of EFA results showed a seven-factor structure that was consistent with the TPACK framework. The final TPACK-EFL survey included a total of 39 items: 9 TK, 5 CK, 6 PK, 5 PCK, 3 TCK, 7 TPK, and 4 TPACK. The results offer survey developers and teacher educators insight into establishing clear boundaries between the TPACK constructs. In particular, subject-specific strategies were used to generate clear and distinct items within the TCK and TPK constructs. Implications for developing other subject-specific TPACK surveys and using the TPACK-EFL survey in other countries are discussed.


Development and evaluation of a technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) assessment tool for preservice teachers learning to teach english as a foreign language
Başer, Derya; Çağıltay, Kürşat; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2015)
The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate a technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) assessment tool for preservice teachers learning to teach English as a foreign language (EFL). The assessment tool, called TPACK-EFL survey, was developed and evaluated through tool development research by using mixed methods approach. Survey items were generated by using qualitative data. Content validity of the survey was maintained through expert reviews and a cognitive interview. Then, construct va...
A Video case study on TPACK indicators in technology enhanced language teaching classrooms in Turkey
Dönmez, Melek; Baran, Evrim; Gökalp, Gökçe; Department of Educational Sciences (2016)
The purpose of the study is to identify indicators of English language teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) observed in language teaching classrooms. The case study examined 5 different cases comprising of 5 different English language teachers as participants and 5 different technology enhanced language teaching classrooms using video study method. The data sources included semi-structured pre- and post-interviews and video recordings of lessons. The qualitative analysis of the vide...
An Investigation into Turkish english language teachers’ perceived professional development needs, practices and challenges
Korkmazgil, Sibel; Seferoğlu, Gölge; Department of English Language Teaching (2015)
This phenomenological research study seeks to explore English language teachers’ professional development needs, practices and challenges that they experience in their professional growth. Data were collected from 41 English language teachers working at public schools in 14 different cities in Turkey through semi-structured interviews conducted in 2012. The findings suggested that highest level of needs were indicated with regard to developing teachers’ English language proficiency and speaking skills, impr...
Use of digital video recording in the preparation stage of pre service foreign language teachers micro teachings
Savaş, Perihan (2012-07-01)
The paper reports the findings of a study done to investigate the perceptions of 64 pre-service foreign language teachers on their experiences with digital video recording during the preparation of their microteachings to practice teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). For two semesters and in two EFL Methodology courses participants worked in small groups to prepare their lesson plans and in-class microteachings and their group discussions were self-recorded. Main data collection instrument of the s...
An Analysis of english language testing and evaluation course in english language teacher education programs in Turkey: developing language assessment literacy of pre-service efl teachers
Şahin, Sevgi; Hatipoğlu, Çiler; Department of Foreign Language Education (2019)
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