A visual interactive approach for scenario-based stochastic multi-objective problems and an application

Balibek, E.
Köksalan, Mustafa Murat
In many practical applications of stochastic programming, discretization of continuous random variables in the form of a scenario tree is required. In this paper, we deal with the randomness in scenario generation and present a visual interactive method for scenario-based stochastic multi-objective problems. The method relies on multi-variate statistical analysis of solutions obtained from a multi-objective stochastic problem to construct joint confidence regions for the objective function values. The decision maker (DM) explores desirable parts of the efficient frontier using a visual representation that depicts the trajectories of the objective function values within confidence bands. In this way, we communicate the effects of randomness inherent in the problem to the DM to help her understand the trade-offs and the levels of risk associated with each objective. Journal of the Operational Research Society (2012) 63, 1773-1787. doi:10.1057/jors.2012.25 Published online 11 April 2012


A stochastic approach for load scheduling of cogeneration plants
Doğan, Osman Tufan; Yeşin, Ahmet Orhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2010)
In this thesis, load scheduling problem for cogeneration plants is interpreted in the context of stochastic programming. Cogeneration (CHP) is an important technology in energy supply of many countries. Cogeneration plants are designed and operated to cover the requested time varying demands in heat and power. Load scheduling of cogeneration plants represents a multidimensional optimization problem, where heat and electricity demands, operational parameters and associated costs exhibit uncertain behavior. C...
Character sums of quadratic forms over finite fields and the number of rational points for some classes of artin-schreier type curves
Coşgun, Ayhan; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Department of Mathematics (2017)
Exponential sums of quadratic forms over finite fields have many applications to various areas such as coding theory and cryptography. As an example to these applications, there is an organic connection between exponential sums of quadratic forms and the number of rational points of algebraic curves defined over finite fields. This connection is central in the application of algebraic geometry to coding theory and cryptography. In this thesis, different facts and techniques of theory of finite fields are co...
A Modal Superposition Method for the Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
Ferhatoglu, Erhan; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2016-01-28)
In the determination of response of nonlinear structures, computational burden is always a major problem even if frequency domain methods are used. One of the methods used to decrease the computational effort is the modal superposition method for nonlinear systems where the modes of the linear system are used in the calculation. However, depending on the type of the nonlinearity, in order to obtain an accurate response, the number of modes retained in the response calculations needs to be increased, which i...
Optimising a nonlinear utility function in multi-objective integer programming
Ozlen, Melih; Azizoğlu, Meral; Burton, Benjamin A. (2013-05-01)
In this paper we develop an algorithm to optimise a nonlinear utility function of multiple objectives over the integer efficient set. Our approach is based on identifying and updating bounds on the individual objectives as well as the optimal utility value. This is done using already known solutions, linear programming relaxations, utility function inversion, and integer programming. We develop a general optimisation algorithm for use with k objectives, and we illustrate our approach using a tri-objective i...
Yeniaras, Esra; Cenk, Murat; Department of Cryptography (2022-1-21)
Some of the post-quantum cryptographic protocols require polynomial multiplication in characteristic three fields, thus the efficiency of such multiplication algorithms gain more importance recently. In this thesis, we propose four new polynomial multiplication algorithms in characteristic three fields and we show that they are more efficient than the current state-of-the-art methods. We first analyze the well-known algorithms such as the schoolbook method, Karatsuba 2-way and 3-way split methods, Bernstein...
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E. Balibek and M. M. Köksalan, “A visual interactive approach for scenario-based stochastic multi-objective problems and an application,” JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, pp. 1773–1787, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/57625.