A study of the effects of principal's behavior on teacher's morale in Turkish high schools

Orçan Selçuk, Hülya


A case study on the effect of route characteristics on decision making in the sport of orienteering
Gölgeli, Tuğçe.; Çakır, Murat Perit; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2020)
Orienteering is a sport where athletes need to find located targets at certain points on a predetermined terrain or in the city with the help of a map. In this sport where performance is measured with time, it is important to combine their physical endurance with mental processes and their ability to adapt to the environment and optimize them correctly. One of the outcomes that we can best observe these choices is the routes chosen and each route has its own environmental characteristics. Therefore, athlete...
A study of science teaching self-efficacy and outcome expectancy beliefs of teachers in India
Shireen Desouza, Josephine; Boone J, William; Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül (Wiley, 2004-11-01)
Elementary and middle school teachers in urban schools in India provided responses to the science efficacy instrument (STEBI-A). These responses were evaluated using Rasch analysis and parametric tests. Rasch fit statistics and person-item maps were evaluated. It was found that the instrument worked well for the two groups of teachers, but the differential item functioning analysis found that the teachers utilized several items in the scale differently. Parametric tests suggested that self-efficacy and outc...
A study on the roles of family members in purchase decision progress
Güneşoğlu, Haluk Adil; Yener, Ergün; Department of Business Administration (1992)
A study on motivation and anxiety for english language learners
Mutlu, Merve; Seferoğlu, Gölge (null; 2018-04-07)
Since scholars have discovered the importance of affective factors for language acquisition, anxiety and motivation has been frequently investigated in order to find how these concepts influence the success of a language learner. This study aims to investigate how the anxiety level and motivation level would affect the language learning process of a learner related to the learner’s gender, language proficiency level and major of study. The study was conducted in a School of Foreign Languages in a state univ...
A study on the relationship between pre-service teachers’ information literacy skills and their attitudes towards distance education
Özdemir, Soner Mehmet; Akbaş, Oktay; Çakır, Recep (2009)
his paper presents the relationship between pre-service teachers' information literacy skills and their attitudes towards distance education. Two questionnaires were administered to 235 pre-service teachers enrolled in the department of primary school teaching, the department of science teaching and the department of Turkish language teaching at Kirikkale University in Turkey in order to examine their attitudes and their literacy skills. Results of this study show that there is no significant relationship b...
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H. Orçan Selçuk, “A study of the effects of principal’s behavior on teacher’s morale in Turkish high schools,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.