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Aydoğan, Gülfer (1)
Eriş, Ayda (1)
Erol Korkmaz , Habibe Tuğba (1)
Koku, Buğra (1)
Sülo, Remzi (1)


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2014 (1)

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Visual Awareness Determination System
Sümer , Hayriye Canan; Aydoğan, Gülfer; Sülo, Remzi; Koku, Buğra; Erol Korkmaz , Habibe Tuğba; Özütemiz, Buğra; Eriş, Ayda (WIPO, 2014-10-02)
A test system (10), in particularly computer based test system, to provide versatile determining the candidates visual ability which comprises; a platform (50), a keyboard (15) provided on the platform (50) for entering da...
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