Visual Awareness Determination System

Sümer , Hayriye Canan
Aydoğan, Gülfer
Sülo, Remzi
Koku, Buğra
Erol Korkmaz , Habibe Tuğba
Özütemiz, Buğra
Eriş, Ayda
A test system (10), in particularly computer based test system, to provide versatile determining the candidates visual ability which comprises; a platform (50), a keyboard (15) provided on the platform (50) for entering data, a hard disk (13) which storing data, a display adapter (14) for transforming data to visual elements, a monitor (30) which is connected to the display adapter (30). Said test system (10) comprising; c) at least two stimulant which has different properties provided are stored at the hard disk (13), d) a processor (11) which is connected to elements the test system (10) have and which provides presenting the first stimulant on the monitor (30) at specific area (67, 68) and the second stimulant on the monitor (30) at different area (67, 68) one after the other in a particular order for recording the candidates specific reactions against to stimulants.
Citation Formats
H. C. Sümer et al., “Visual Awareness Determination System,” 00, 2014.