Southeastern European Grid-enabled elnfrastructure development 2 (SEE-GRID-2)

Establishment of highly-sophisticated collaborative models for use of computing and data resources across various domains all over Europe and worldwide is currently being pursued through several Grid research efforts. The SEE-GRID regional initiative has demonstrated that a geographically independent, common-pool of computing resources can be of great scientific value to a widely distributed, less-resourced region like South-East Europe (SEE). Through the interconnection of the SEE regional infrastructure to the pan-European and worldwide eInfrastructures, the developing SEE sites have benefited from accessing computing power and advanced applications that would otherwise be unaffordable. SEE-GRID-2 (South Eastern European GRid-enabled elnfrastructure Development 2) aims to advance the current SEE pilot Grid infrastructure and its services, and capitalize on the existing SEE-GRID human network to further strengthen scientific collaboration and cooperation among participating SEE communities in the area of eInfrastructures. SEE-GRID-2 will expand the current SEE grid infrastructure by proliferation of the participating Resource Centres in each SEE country, will target multi-disciplinary grids in a wide range of research and academic institutes and scientific communities in all SEE countries, and will assist the participating partners to reach a mature, sustainable level of eInfrastructure service-provision for the benefit of all citizens in the region. In the long term, SEE-GRID-2 will contribute to the regional cooperation and economic growth, through the sustaining of collaborative efforts in promising science and technology areas like eInfrastructures which constitute key steps of the continued Pan-EU efforts for easing the digital divide between the SEE region and the rest of the continent.
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