Plastic analysis of palne frames with arbility hinges.

Okcuer, Avni


Elastic stability of Plane frames.
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Mechanical evaluation of cemented backfill materials
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Mechanical Properties of PLA/PHA Blends for Fused Deposition Modeling Applications
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Mechanical behaviour of alumina filled polyater.
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Vibration analysis of cracked beams on elastic foundation using Timoshenko beam theory
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In this thesis, transverse vibration of a cracked beam on an elastic foundation and the effect of crack and foundation parameters on transverse vibration natural frequencies are studied. Analytical formulations are derived for a beam with rectangular cross section. The crack is an open type edge crack placed in the medium of the beam and it is uniform along the width of the beam. The cracked beam rests on an elastic foundation. The beam is modeled by two different beam theories, which are Euler-Bernoulli be...
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A. Okcuer, “Plastic analysis of palne frames with arbility hinges.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.