Demodulation of amplitude modulated waves in plasma.

Ar, Haluk


Relativistic energy calculations in atoms.
Erol, Gövel; Department of Chemistry (1972)
Disaggregation of time series data.
Sürmeli, M. Cengiz; Department of Economics (1979)
Lefloch, Philippe G.; Makhlof, Hasan; Okutmuştur, Baver (2012-01-01)
Within the class of nonlinear hyperbolic balance laws posed on a curved spacetime (endowed with a volume form), we identify a hyperbolic balance law that enjoys the same Lorentz invariance property as the one satisfied by the Euler equations of relativistic compressible fluids. This model is unique up to normalization and converges to the standard inviscid Burgers equation in the limit of infinite light speed. Furthermore, from the Euler system of relativistic compressible flows on a curved background, we d...
Perturbation analysis of sheath evolution, with application to plasma source ion implantation
Bektursunova, RM; Demokan, O (IOP Publishing, 2001-02-07)
A perturbation model has been developed to describe the evolution of an expanding plasma sheath around a cathode after a high-voltage negative pulse is applied to the cathode, simulating the conditions in devices such as those used for plasma source ion implantation. The set of governing equations consists of two coupled collisionless fluid equations for ions, and Poisson's equation and Boltzmann's assumption for electrons. The time-dependent, self-consistent expressions for the potential, ion density and i...
Modeling effects of material properties and composition on ultrasound propagation
Özkök, Okan; Uludağ, Yusuf; Department of Chemical Engineering (2017)
Ultrasonic methods for material characterization have increasingly been used for the last decades thanks to advances in electronics and digital technologies since conventional methods accommodate several disadvantages like being time consuming. Advanced technology has brought highly accurate measurements with reasonable confidence level, and flexible ultrasonic testing parameters. The aim of this work is to carry out material characterization by combining modeling study and outputs of the ultrasonic device....
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H. Ar, “Demodulation of amplitude modulated waves in plasma.,” Middle East Technical University, 1975.