Kurumsal Akademik Toplantı Konuşmaları Derlemi Oluşturma Projesi: Yüksek Öğrenimde İngilizce Hazırlık Okulu Bağlamı

Işık Güler, Hale
Iriskulova, Alena
The present study aims to build a Corpus of Institutional Academic Meeting talk in the Turkish higher education EFL context with the preliminary aim of looking into the interactive organization structure of meetings, which to date has been a scarcely researched area. Within the paradigm of conversational analysis of meetings, the researchers are interested in revealing how the transition from pre-meeting multiparty interaction to meeting interaction and back happens, how the meeting unfolds in terms of its participants’ taking turns, and how the interactional relationships between the participants develop, or in other words how the organizational structure of meetings operate within the institutional culture. Therefore, three main areas/parts to meeting talk has been chosen for detailed analysis: openings and closings, turn-taking patterns, and enactment of in-group/out-groupness. For the purpose, 60 hours of institutional meeting talk (between instructors, heads of teaching units and other admin personnel) at a private university preparatory English school will be recorded and transcribed paying special attention to multimodality features by the use of Transana software to construct a corpus of meeting talk. Lack of the studies devoted to this issue in Turkey adds additional value to our investigation as it could provide a chance to lay the basis for future research.


Building for women's education during the Early Republican period in Turkey: İsmet Paşa Girls' Institute in Ankara in the 1930S
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