Sustained, Efficient Production of Required Information and Services within Europe is our only justification (SEPRISE)

Beşiktepe, Şükrü
The overall objective of the project is to discern and enable methods of increasing, improving and coordinating production of European scale Operational Ocean Forecasting Products and Services. This will be achieved by reviewing and then ensuring that, as far as possible, the findings and experience gained from the so-called Operational Forecasting Cluster of Projects funded under MAST III and FP-5, and other relevant sources, are pulled through into sustained, efficient operational oceanographic services. Recommendations for the future structure and functionalities of an integrated initial European coastal ocean observing and forecasting system will be made and a design plan to implement this will be prepared. Care will be taken to ensure that proposals are compatible with the wider implementation of GMES, in particular to ensure interoperability with similar initiatives outside the marine theme.