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The Impact of the Turkic Council (TURKKON) on Developing/Improving Relations between Turkey and Central Asia

Turkey welcomed the independence of the Central Asian republics with great excitement in terms of the potential opportunities for Turkey in the region. Immediately after the Soviet disintegration and the subsequent independence of the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, Turkish foreign policy evolved in a direction to initiate integration efforts with these countries. Turkey took the lead in designing cooperation mechanisms among the countries of Central Asia. Established in 2009 as the most comprehensive instution established so far, TURKKON (Turkic Council) is the outcome of such desire to deepen the means of cooperation.However While the institutionalization of cooperation is complete to a great extent, the impact of the institutions on improving/developing cooperation is vague. On the other hand, there are alternative regional integration projects led by Russia and China, which further raises questions about the importance and influence of the Turkic one.This project aims to evaluate the influence of the Turkic Council and its sub-institutions on improving/developing cooperation between Turkey and the Turkic states of Central Asia.