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Bringing Critical Political Economy Back In: Neoliberal State Transformations and the Anthropology of the State

Bodırsky, Katharına
The objective of the proposed study is to develop a critical political economic approach within the anthropology of the state, an approach that combines the respective strengths of critical political economy and anthropology: a systemic perspective on the role of the state in reproducing unequal social orders with an ethnographic sensibility for global differences and local complexities. The emphasis in the first part of the study in 2016 will be on developing a framework for the study of 1) uneven geographies of neoliberal state transformation and 2) dynamics of state-making in multiply unequal societies. I request funding that will support me in establishing networks with anthropologists sharing a related research agenda and in the development of the theoretical and methodological framework of this study. This involves 1.) attendance at the European Association for Social Anthropologists (EASA) conference 2.) a library research on German-language literature on state transformation at the Staatsbibliothek Berlin.