Tsodilo Hills Project

The idea of a cultural project oriented towards technical and scientific development at the Tsodilo Hills site in Botswana, come from the observation of a need in the recording, documentation and curatorial project of the extraordinary site inscribe on the World Heritage List maintained by UNESCO.The central objective of the project is therefore to record the main decorated panels at the site and to produce a documentary film on the Tsodilo Hills Rock Art site.


Cultural & Archaeological Heritage in Disaster Zones: Cultural Policy Analysis for Conservation
Boukaze-khan, Didier; Atıcı, Nadire(2018-12-31)
Soz konsu projenin esas amaci kulturel ve arkeolojik miras yonetimi icin kulturel politika analizi arastirmasi gerceklestirilerek, bolgesel olcekte kurulmus olan sosyal baglantilarin aktif hale getirilmesidir.The main objective shall be to activate the network established at the regional level, in order to produce research on cultural policy analysis for cultural & archaeological heritage.
Home in Eden: The Uncanny Philosophy of Dwelling by Nature – A Prelude to the METU Housing Experience
Sargın, Güven Arif (Metu Press Yayınları, 2018-05-01)
The “METU Lodging DOCUMENTED” exhibition and its catalogue are products of an ongoing research project that launched in February 2013, to make a comprehensive documentation of a relatively unknown Modernist Housing project in Ankara. The preparation process of the exhibition was supported by a group of graduate students during the spring of 2016 and the opening was held on the July 23 with the participation of university staff. The exhibition was planned to be open for only one hour, and lodging#5, in which...
Karya’daki Geç Antik Ve Bizans Dönemi Yapı Ve Yerleşimleri Üzerine Bazı Gözlemler
Serin, Ufuk (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2013-6-1)
The present research, which is part of a larger, long-term project entitled the 'Archaeological Survey of the Gulf of Mandalya, Caria', aims to document and interpret the Late Antique and Byzantine monuments and topography of Caria (5th-13th c. AD) and covers the results of nine years of fieldwork (2003-2011). In antiquity the survey-area largely remained under the jurisdiction of Iasos (mod. Kiyikislacik) - the major extinct city in the area - giving its name to the entire territory. This work investigates...
Hands-on building practices in architectural education : METU summer construction practices
Turgay, Özce; Gür, Berin Fatma; Department of Architecture (2005)
This thesis explores the position of hands-on building practices in architectural education by focusing on METU Summer Construction Practices (ARCH190), which has been conducted in the rural sites of Turkey since 1958. It is believed that the summer construction practice is a tool of education to acquire knowledge of architecture by building 1-to-1 scale constructions. METU Summer Construction Practices are examined by asking the questions of أwhat is learnedؤ and أhow is learnedؤ in order to understand bot...
An updated and unified earthquake catalogue for the Western Balkan Region
MARKUSİC, Snjezana; Gülerce, Zeynep; KUKA, Neki; DUNİ, Llambro; IVANCİC, Ines; RADOVANOVİC, Slavica; GLAVATOVİC, Branislav; MİLUTİNOVİC, Zoran; Akkar, Sinan; KOVACEVİC, Svetlana; MİHALJEVİC, Jadranka; SALİC, Radmila (2016-02-01)
The Harmonization of Seismic Hazard Maps in the Western Balkan Countries Project (BSHAP) was funded for 7 years by NATO-Science for Peace Program to support the preparation of new seismic hazard maps of the Western Balkan Region using modern scientific tools. One of the most important outputs of the BSHAP is an updated and unified BSHAP earthquake catalogue that is compiled directly from the datasets of earthquake data providers of the region. The BSHAP earthquake catalogue described here covers the geograp...
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