Design of a computerized course scheduling system for an academic department.

Özerman, A Pınar


Design of a computerized financial planning system for large scale housing projects.
Karakal, Nejat; Department of Electrical Engineering (1986)
Design of a general purpose computerized quality control system.
Aktürk, Mehmet Selim; Department of Industrial Engineering (1984)
Design of a coordinate measuring system using an industrial robot.
Genç, Tanyer; Konukseven, E. İlhan; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2002)
Design of a complex modulus test system for viscoelastic materials.
Erdoğan, Bilgeha; Özgen, Gökhan O..; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2019)
In this thesis, the design of test devices for dynamic characterization of elastomer materials and elastomer vibration control components are designed. For this purpose, two different studies are conducted. In the first study, an already installed test setup is modified to provide preloading capability. In the second study, a completely new test setup is established. Conceptual design studies are carried out based on the information obtained in the literature and related standards, then the validity of the ...
Design of a computer interface for automatic finite element analysis of an excavator boom
Yener, Mehmet; Söylemez, Eres; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
The aim of this study is to design a computer interface, which links the user to commercial Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program, MSC.Marc-Mentat to make automatic FE analysis of an excavator boom by using DELPHI as platform. Parametrization of boom geometry is done to add some flexibility to interface called OPTIBOOM. Parametric FE analysis of a boom shortens the design stages and helps to find the optimum design in terms of stresses and mass.
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A. P. Özerman, “Design of a computerized course scheduling system for an academic department.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.