Dynamics of embedded structures in solid medium in the presence of cavitation

Karaesmen, Engin
Karasesmen, E
This paper presents a probabilistic approach for predicting the existence of cavitation in a solid medium. The cavitation is assumed to be generated by the diffraction of a propogating random stress wave from an embedded structure. The analysis is based on one dimensional linear plane wave approximation and the stress wave is assumed to be stationary Gaussian, white random process. For the embedded structure lumped mass model approximation is used. Transitional probability is obtained by Caughy's method and relevant characteristics of the cavitation process such as mean square displacement for cavitation and expected time for crossing the displacement at cavitation are derived. Comparison of the cavitation behaviour is made between the existing deterministic solutions in the literature and the present probabilistic approach via numerical results. The principal conclusion of the study is that the phenomenon of cavitation must be at least explored by simple mathematical models in the design and analysis phases of embedded structures subjected to seismic and/or explosive loads.


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