Chain-extended bismaleimides .1. Preparation and characterization of maleimide-terminated resins

Yerlikaya, Z
Oktem, Z
Bayramlı, Erdal
Starting from aromatic diamines, a series of bismaleimides (BMIs) and maleimide-terminated structural resins were prepared in solution and characterized. Maleimide-terminated resins were prepared through Michael addition reaction with 3/2 molar ratio of bismaleimide and aromatic diamine as reactants. The structural analysis was performed by FTIR and H-1-NMR spectroscopy. Thermal properties are investigated by TGA, DTA, and DSC. Number-average molecular-weights of the resins were determined by cryoscopy. The presence of methylene (-CH2-) and ether (-O-) groups in the starting materials affect the reactivity and the degree of chain extension of the resins. From the viscosity measurements it was also found that thermal polymerization of BMIs could be taking place together with the Michael addition. (C) 1996 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


TINCER, T; COSKUN, M (1993-10-01)
The blends of two different ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes (UHMWPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) were prepared in melt at different compositions and mixing rates in Brabender Torque Rheometer. The temperature build-up due to the internal friction during melt blending was recorded and evaluated with respect to the change in the torque. The temperature at maximum torque was considered the fusion point temperature of the UHMWPE in the blend. This fusion point temperature was found to depend ...
Excimer emission and energy transfer in cofacial boradiazaindacene (BODIPY) dimers built on a xanthene scaffold
Saki, N; Dinc, T; Akkaya, EU (2006-03-13)
Using a rigid xanthene scaffold, a series of boradiazaindacene derivatives were synthesized. In some of these compounds, two boradiazaindacene derivatives were placed cofacially, resulting in significant inter-chromophoric interactions, including excimer emission. A simple modification of boradiazaindacene structure leads to formation of an ICT dye, which has distinct spectral properties. Energy transfer between two BODIPY dyes was demonstrated as well. In addition, the spectral properties of ICT dye can be...
Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Strain Hardening Preheated Pressure Tube
Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim (2008-01-01)
The analytical solution of a nonlinear strain hardening preheated tube subjected to internal pressure is presented. A state of generalized plane strain, small deformations, and temperature gradients are assumed. The analytical plastic model is based on the incremental theory of plasticity, Tresca´s yield criterion, its associated flow rule, and a Swift-type nonlinear hardening law. Solutions for linearly hardening and perfectly plastic materials are also presented.
Maximum Drawdown and Drawdown Duration of Spectrally Negative Levy Processes Decomposed at Extremes
Vardar Acar, Ceren; Avram, Florin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-06)
Path decomposition is performed to characterize the law of the pre-/post-supremum, post-infimum and the intermediate processes of a spectrally negative Levy process taken up to an independent exponential time T. As a result, mainly the distributions of the supremum of the post-infimum process and the maximum drawdown of the pre-/post-supremum, post-infimum processes and the intermediate processes are obtained together with the law of drawdown durations.
Polylactide/organically modified montmorillonite composite fibers
Ozdemir, Esra; Hacaloğlu, Jale (2017-03-01)
Direct pyrolysis mass spectrometry technique was applied to investigate the characteristics of polylactide, (PLA) nanofibers containing organically modified montmorillonites, Cloisite 15A, (C15A) Cloisite 20A, (C20A) and Cloisite 30B, (GOB) prepared by electrospinning. As the amount of Cloisite present in the composites was increased, the fiber diameters became slightly narrower compared to neat PLA fiber due to the presence of quaternary ammonium salt as organic modifier increasing electrical conductivity....
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Z. Yerlikaya, Z. Oktem, and E. Bayramlı, “Chain-extended bismaleimides .1. Preparation and characterization of maleimide-terminated resins,” JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, pp. 165–171, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: