Significance of the excitonic intensity borrowing in the J-/H-aggregates of bacteriochlorophylls/chlorophylls

Gulen, D
A quantitative analysis of the excitonic intensity borrowing for the J-/H-aggregates of the bacteriochlorophylls/chlorophylls (BChls/Chls) in specific, and of porphyrins in general, is presented. The analysis is based on the argument that the mixing between the two energetically well-separated bands, such as the Q and B bands of BChls/Chls, should be considered important if the aggregated system possesses an excitonic superstate. A remarkably simple explanation of the significance of the excitonic intensity borrowing is given: superhyperchromism is manifested by the mediation of interband coupling between the superstates in the two well- separated bands of such aggregates. A comprehensive discussion on the significance of superhyperchromism and on its size-dependence is provided in connection with its effects on the absorption spectra of the BChl/Chl J- and H-aggregates.


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