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Integrated analysis of pressure response using pressure-rate convolution and deconvolution techniques for varied flow rate production in fractured formations

Al-Rbeawi, Salam
This paper introduces an integrated analysis for pressure transient behavior of conventional and unconventional multi-porous media reservoirs considering varied flow rate conditions. It focuses on the applications of pressure-rate convolution and deconvolution techniques for analyzing pressure records of homogenous single porous media, double porous media, and triple porous media reservoirs. The tasks covered in this paper are: Deconvloving pressure response, characterizing and developing analytical models for new flow regime that represents the impact of varied flow rate at early production time, estimating productivity index, and calculating stimulated reservoir volume (V-srv). The reservoirs of interests in this study are depleted by horizontal wells intersecting multiple hydraulic fractures and composed of stimulated and unstimulated reservoir volume with different configurations and geometries.