Productivity ratings of institutions based on publication in Scientometrics, Informetrics, and Bibliometrics, 1981-2000

Uzun, A
The author surveyed a set of ten scholarly journals that publish the mainstream of papers in the field of Scientometrics, Informetrics, and Bibliometrics (SIB). The survey is limited only to the research articles published in the field for the two decades period 1981-2000. Each journal was examined issue by issue for the institutional affiliations of contributing authors. Institutional rankings for the total period and the two decade periods; 1981-1990 and 1991-2000 were determined by awarding credit to the authors' institutions based on authorship. In the composite of ten journals, the University Sheffield (England), the University of North Carolina (USA), the University of Leiden (Netherlands), the City University of London (England), the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (India), the University of Sussex (England), the University of Illinois (USA), the University of Michigan (USA), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Library (Hungary), and Indiana University (USA) emerged as the ten most productive institutions for the period 1981-2000.


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