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Neutral Higgs H-0 -> h(0)(A(0))l(i)(-)l(j)(+) decay

Iltan, EO
We study the lepton flavor violating H-0 --> h(0)(A(0))l(i)(-)l(j)(+) and the lepton flavor conserving H-0 --> h(0)(A(0))l(i)(-)l(j)(+) (l(i) = tau, l(j) = mu) decays in the framework of the general two-Higgs doublet model, the so-called model III. We estimate the decay width of LFV (LFC) process at the order of magnitude of 10(-5) GeV (10(-4) GeV), for m(H0) = 150 GeV, and the intermediate values of the coupling xi(N,taumu)(E) similar to 5 GeV (xi(N,tautau)(E) similar to 30 GeV). The experimental result of the process under consideration can ensure comprehensive information about the standard model Higgs boson H-0 and the model III free parameters.